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Going Green is Going Good

August 16, 2022

What is Sustainability?  Ask 10 people and you might get 10 answers.  While the definition can be elusive, the question of what we are doing about it? is being asked more and more.  Customers, suppliers, partners, associations, communities, and government agencies want to know.  It is a tremendously important question and one we have long […]

Static Electricity in the Workplace

August 16, 2022

When handling flammable liquids, preventing a fire can require a lot of planning to ensure that all equipment is properly designed and safe work practices are in place.  Even though fuel, oxygen, and energy are all required to create a flame, fuel and oxygen are already abundant in most areas where flammable liquids are handled.  […]

Meet Shandi Lambert

August 16, 2022

Sustainability provocateur, Member of SERV-IN State Emergency Registry of Volunteers for Indiana hazardous materials response, and passionate environmentalist that supports land, biodiversity, and resource conservation.What is Sustainability to me? It is taking care of and conserving the land and resources that our children and grandchildren are letting us borrow. It is thinking how we can […]

“Superior” Support for Heat Transfer Fluids

October 13, 2021

When Superior deepened our investment in our heat transfer fluid (HTF) business earlier this year, we promoted Kevin Spitler as HTF’s dedicated business manager. Spitler’s innate understanding of this market made him a natural at assisting and training our sales team to support mechanical contractors and HTF customers. Spitler has found success in the HTF market by […]

Superior’s Winning Formula for Heat Transfer Fluids

October 13, 2021

Superior’s HTF services and support offer many benefits that include:  Responsiveness and the ability to work quickly to solve problems.  Our own fleet of trucks, which helps avoid freight concerns. We can deliver a 55-gallon drum or a full tanker load on our trucks to your job site.  Free lab services so your glycol doesn’t go acidic. With our inhibited glycol, we offer an annual fluids check at no charge to ensure corrosion protection […]

Be Safe… But Why

October 8, 2021

BY ASHLEY LORYSafety Compliance Manager Be careful! Watch out! Pay attention! Make good choices! We say some form of “Be Safe” to the ones we love multiple times a day. But do you tell yourself to make good choices when you get in the car or arrive at work? Often, the answer is, “No. I don’t”. […]

Superior University Brings Big Returns to Our Employees and Customers

October 8, 2021

When Superior implemented company-wide electronic learning in 2019, it was a game-changer for our business in our efforts to meet and comply with environmental, health and safety, and regulatory issues. By switching to Superior University, an online, interactive, self-paced eLearning tool, our employees stay up-to-date on training and procedure updates and their results are automatically […]

Can Aluminum be Phosphatized?

June 30, 2021

The answer is no. And you don’t really need it to phosphatize. The purpose of an iron phosphate is to increase the surface profile on steel, so it offers corrosion protection and more surface area for paint to adhere. Let’s look closer at the process. The Science Behind Phosphatizing The reason you can’t phosphatize aluminum […]

A Heat Transfer Story

June 30, 2021

Jerry was in a pickle. Interesting term to use considering pickle juice had been what he thought of each time he pulled a sample from the chiller system that was keeping his plastic bag blow mold operation from overheating. And the problem was getting worse. Lately “pond scum” came to mind when he pulled samples.  […]

Helping the Customer Through Trying Times

April 7, 2021

Mother Nature can be cruel. Just ask the residents and companies located in Texas. Over the past couple months, record low temperatures, along with freezing rain and snow, have caused havoc throughout the chemical industry—this after a challenging year due to COVID-19. Production, logistics and personnel challenges have caused many chemical producers in the region […]