Helping the Customer Through Trying Times

Mother Nature can be cruel. Just ask the residents and companies located in Texas. Over the past couple months, record low temperatures, along with freezing rain and snow, have caused havoc throughout the chemical industry—this after a challenging year due to COVID-19. Production, logistics and personnel challenges have caused many chemical producers in the region to declare force majeure for most, if not all, chemicals they produce.

In order to keep customers up and running, Superior’s Technical Department worked alongside them to understand their processes and develop blended products that mimic their current ones, using chemicals that aren’t on sales control. Paint thinners, paint purges and clean-up solvents were all modified to help our customers maintain their businesses. Shutting down or throttling production are not viable for those businesses that are starting to emerge from challenges caused by COVID-19.

If you need to rethink how you deliver products, Superior is on standby to help you problem-solve.

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