Why Choose Acetone Replacement Products from Superior?

by Mark Sickels

Acetone supply is currently extremely tight, and prices have risen over 200% in less than one year. These two facts alone make buyers want to switch away from another product. But if you only looked at these two factors, then you would be missing the many other solid reasons—five, in fact—to switch from acetone to Superior’s acetone replacement products:

  1. A “systems approach” to replacing acetone: Superior has been a leader in acetone replacement products for over 30 years. We formulated 10+ different acetone replacement products, including S-280, Liquid Green LF, Super Blue, B-2000 and Uni-strip. These products have years of proven effectiveness as cleaners in the composites industry.
  2. Higher flash point: The higher flash point makes our products safer and non-hazardous, unlike acetone, which has an extremely low flash point that is a potential fire hazard for operating plants. Superior’s acetone replacement products generate non-hazardous clean-up waste. And since acetone evaporates faster than Superior acetone replacement products, our product typically has a usage rate of 6:1. One drum of acetone replacement products versus 6 drums of acetone.
  3. Customized “no charge” cleaning equipment: Superior manufactures customized clean-up equipment: Marble-matics and part washers. These machines are customized to clean your specific equipment. If you purchase a minimum of acetone replacement products from Superior, these machines are free. 
  4. Professional waste management assistance: Like all clean-up solvents, sooner or later your clean-up solvent becomes ineffective and needs to be disposed of. Not only are Superior’s acetone replacement products non-hazardous, but they can also be recycled. This allows you to purchase a recycled solvent at a reduced cost and without any disposal costs (excluding freight).  
  5. Employee training: We will train your employees on how to use our equipment and acetone replacement products. And you can use our training video to onboard new employees.

Superior sales representatives specialize in developing customized cleaning solutions for our composite customers.  Give us a call at 855.700.7510 to set up a meeting to discuss acetone replacement products.

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