Superior’s Winning Formula for Heat Transfer Fluids

Superior’s HTF services and support offer many benefits that include: 

  • Responsiveness and the ability to work quickly to solve problems. 
  • Our own fleet of trucks, which helps avoid freight concerns. We can deliver a 55-gallon drum or a full tanker load on our trucks to your job site. 
  • Free lab services so your glycol doesn’t go acidic. With our inhibited glycol, we offer an annual fluids check at no charge to ensure corrosion protection and freeze protection are within specifications.  
  • Help with switching glycol from ethylene to propylene through our system clean-out product (SC-130), thus avoiding cross-contamination of the new fluid. 
  • Oversight when blending concentrates, including deionization (DI) and reverse osmosis (RO) water. We blend to specifications with DI water for ultimate corrosion protection or at the percentage needed.  
  • Quick access to our HTF business manager, Kevin Spitler, who is reachable at: (317) 619-1307 or  
Heat exchanger. Air separation unit. Cryogenic industrial plant. Liquid oxygen factory. Tube and vessel.

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