Customer Success Story: Ethylene Glycol Recycling

Industry experience and sustainability are vital for success in chemical distribution. This was demonstrated in the successful collaboration between Superior and a leading specialty pharmaceutical company. This partnership thrived on our joint commitment to sustainability and the management practices of the National Association of Chemical Distributors.

The Challenge

The pharmaceutical company’s ethylene glycol system began to show signs of significant deterioration, accompanied by issues related to pH and RA. A comprehensive system flush and replacement emerged as the viable solution. Superior, with our vast expertise and solid track record in chemical handling and distribution, was entrusted with this complex task.

Upholding Sustainability Values

With sustainability as a core value, it was vital for the project to minimize waste and maximize recycling wherever possible. As a long-time champion of sustainability in the chemical distribution industry, Superior incorporated these principles into every stage of the project, particularly in the recycling and waste reduction efforts.

The Turnkey Approach

To meet the project’s diverse requirements, Superior assembled a team of 22 members from various disciplines. The comprehensive scope of work included 24-hour logistical support, transportation, waste management, onsite storage, system flushing and refilling, safety protocols, and onsite project management.

Superior’s tested and reliable turnkey approach helped the team efficiently manage the project. Superior also took on the role of managing all vendors, providing the customer with a single point of contact, streamlining communication and ensuring cohesive operational management.

The Results

Successfully concluded within the established time and budget, the project saw no health and safety incidents—surpassing all recommended Sustainable Development Goals. The pharmaceutical company promptly resumed its business operations, ensuring the uninterrupted functioning of business activities and maintaining product safety.

The success of the project and Superior’s commitment to sustainability can be summarized in a few impactful metrics:

  • 180,000 gallons of waste removed
  • 100,000 gallons of glycol recycled
  • 86,000 gallons of spent glycol transferred
  • 65,000 gallons of spent rinse water transported
  • 55,000 gallons of new concentrated ethylene glycol (Supercool HD) added
  • 947,010 lbs. of CO2 emissions reduced

Customer Testimonial

“Superior exceeded every expectation on this job. Truck drivers were very helpful at every step, taking several precautions to prevent injury and spills. Over 200,000 gallons of material were moved without a spill. Superior was a huge part of being able to stay on the very tight nine-day schedule. Superior employees were very pleasant to work with. This work was completed injury-free. Total cost of the project was as quoted.”

~Project lead for the pharmaceutical company

Looking Ahead

As Superior continues to bolster our EHS&S commitments, we remain focused on new projects that allow us to create sustainable solutions for our partners. If your organization is searching for a partner to navigate the complexities of sustainable chemical distribution, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Superior. We are committed to a sustainable future—for our customers, the industry, and the planet. Stay tuned for more case studies as Superior continues to pave the path for sustainable chemical distribution.

Complex network of industrial pipes at a chemical manufacturing plant with safety railings and scaffolding. Customer Success Story: Ethylene Glycol Recycling.
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