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Superior places your needs and timeline at the top of our priorities to ensure you have the right heat transfer fluis when you need them. Whether your needs are high-quality industrial grade ethylene or propylene glycol, or USP or food grade glycol with or without corrosion inhibitors, we are ready to service you at a moment's notice.

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From disposal of old glycol to thorough flushing of your system, we're here to boost your system's efficiency and lifespan. Plus. with our special line of inhibited glycols and top-notch lab services, we ensure your thermal systems perform at their best.

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When to contact Superior


Starting a design/build and specing building materials


Pipes burst and need emergency assistance


Need to improve efficiencies with your closed loop heat transfer system


Logistical and supply chain support for timely delivery of thermal fluids


Exact lab specifications on your type, percentage and PH level


Custom-blended thermal fluids for specialized applications


Removing solids from your tanks


Removing and responsibly disposing of your spent glycol waste

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Full-Service Solutions

From the convenience of on-site delivery in drums, totes, or bulk tanker loads to your site, we have the capabilities to meet your project's scale and timeline.

Need a specific concentration? We can mix heat transfer fluids with DI water to meet your exact specifications, ensuring your systems operate at peak efficiency.

Our services include water flush and pressure testing to prepare your systems, as well as spent glycol waste profiling and removal.

We package, deliver, and even pick up waste using our tanker or box truck fleet, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Our lab services can provide detailed glycol reports, identifying glycol type, concentration, and inhibitor integrity, giving you peace of mind and optimal system performance.

Heat Transfer Blends

Supercool - Inhibited Ethylene Glycol

Superchill - Inhibited NSF Food Grade Propylene Glycol

Supertherm - Inhibited Propylene Glycol

Superguard G-38 - Glycerin based Fire Suppression Antifreeze

Superguard Pro 38 - Propylene Glycol based Fire Suppression Antifreeze

Superguard G-48 - Glycerin based Fire Suppression Antifreeze

Glycol Inhibitor 3

Super Geotherm - Ethanol based


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