Meet Shandi Lambert

Sustainability provocateur, Member of SERV-IN State Emergency Registry of Volunteers for Indiana hazardous materials response, and passionate environmentalist that supports land, biodiversity, and resource conservation.
What is Sustainability to me? It is taking care of and conserving the land and resources that our children and grandchildren are letting us borrow. It is thinking how we can reuse or recycle at a products inception to reduce waste. It is helping others in need. It is being as self-reliant as possible. In my personal life, I still have a way to go from where I would like to be but one achievement I am proud of is that it’s not a foreign way of life to my children and grandchildren.
My career started in the environmental industry when one of the largest big box retailers violated the Clean Water Act. I was brought on to ensure there was no revenue leakage opportunity as my degree is in Accounting. My responsibilities over the last 20+ years in the Environmental industry include ISO Management Representative, RCRA Hazardous Waste Treatment & Disposal Facility Manager, Compliance Auditor, Household hazardous waste collection coordinator, Emergency Response Incident Command, and Industrial Hygiene Branch Manager/project manager.
The Sustainability turning point for me occurred after working environmental projects. The most impactful was a pesticide/herbicide household hazardous waste collection event in Missouri. Numerous farmers approached with dated chemicals and sad stories of loss of life or property due to improper storage, leachate, or just not being informed. Ever have a moment in life when you wonder if you have made a positive impact on anyone or anything? This was that moment for me, when I became passionate about the environment and community.

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